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Homepage:https://swregistry.earthasylum.com/ Author:EarthAsylum Consulting Current Version:1.0.1 Last Updated:18-Jun-2022 Requires WordPress Version:5.4.0 Compatible up to:5.9.3 Requires PHP Version:7.2 Contributors:Kevin Burkholder Donate link:https://www.earthasylum.com/donate/ License:GPLv3 or later License URI:https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html Tags:software registration, software registry, software license, {eac}SoftwareRegistry

{eac}SoftwareRegistry custom hooks - Add PHP code for the many hooks (filters and actions) available in the Software Registration Server.


{eac}SoftwareRegistry Custom Hooks is an extension plugin to {eac}SoftwareRegistry Software Registration Server.

Using the many hooks available in the Software Registration Server, you can customize the registration server options, incoming API requests, outgoing API responses, and client emails and notifications.

Registry hooks allow you to enter PHP code for each of the available filters. Through these hooks, you can customize your registration server, validate and/or modify API request and response data, or trigger other actions or functions.

* Default hooks are provided as example and preference. If not needed, defaults should be removed.

Included in the Extras folder is Hooks/registry_hooks_coded.extension.php, a shell program with all of the available actions and filters. You can use this to hard code your hooks and replace the registry hook extensions. Simply code your hooks in registry_hooks_coded.extension.php and replace the Extensions/Hooks folder with the Extras/Hooks folder. Be sure to keep a copy of registry_hooks_coded.extension.php so it is available if/when you upgrade or re-install this extension.

List of Available Hooks

Administrator settings


New registration


API Requests


API Responses


Client Message Hooks


API Function Arguments

$newRegistrationKey     // The key value (uuid) assigned to a new registration

$requestParams          // The parameter array passed through the API. May include:
- registry_product      // Registered product
- registry_description  // Registered product description
- registry_version      // Registered product version
- registry_license      // 'developer', 'basic', 'pro', 'unlimited'
- registry_count        // Number of licenses (users/seats/devices) included
- registry_status       // 'pending', 'trial', 'active', 'inactive', 'expired', 'terminated'
- registry_effective    // Effective date (Y-m-d)
- registry_expires      // Expiration date (Y-m-d) or term (30 days, 1 year,...)
- registry_name         // Full name
- registry_email        // Valid email address
- registry_company      // Company/Organization name
- registry_address      // Full postal address (textarea)
- registry_variations   // Registrar variations (key=>value associative array)
- registry_options      // Registrar options (indexed array)
- registry_domains      // Registered domain name(s) (indexed array)
- registry_sites        // Registered site URL(s) (indexed array)

$apiAction              // One of 'create', 'activate', 'revise', 'deactivate', 'verify' or 'update' (non-api)

$registration           // The registration data array with above registry values

$wpPost                 // WP_Post object

$postValues             // Array of values passed to wp_insert_post(), including 'meta_input' array with above registry values

Copy the 'eacSoftwareRegistryHooks' folder to your WordPress 'plugins' folder or install the 'eacSoftwareRegistryHooks.zip' file through the WordPress Plugins upload page.

Screen Shots
  1. {eac}SoftwareRegistry Administrator Hooks <span class='eac-product'>{<span class='eac-brand'>eac</span>}SoftwareRegistry</span> Administrator

  2. {eac}SoftwareRegistry API Request Hooks <span class='eac-product'>{<span class='eac-brand'>eac</span>}SoftwareRegistry</span> API Request

  3. {eac}SoftwareRegistry API Response Hooks <span class='eac-product'>{<span class='eac-brand'>eac</span>}SoftwareRegistry</span> API Response

  4. {eac}SoftwareRegistry Client Hooks <span class='eac-product'>{<span class='eac-brand'>eac</span>}SoftwareRegistry</span> Client

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Change Log

Version 1.0.1 – June 18, 2022

  • Fix update_registration_post conflict.
  • Updated hooks/filters.

Version 1.0.0 – May 4, 2022

  • Initial public release.

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