Tag: Extensions

{eac}SoftwareRegistry Software Product Taxonomy

{eac}SoftwareRegistry Software Taxonomy is a simple plugin extension that allows you to set and override {eac}SoftwareRegistry options for specific software products. It both defines the software product as well as the server parameters used when that product is registered via your software registration server api.

Now with plugin hosting on Github providing complete, automated plugin updates in WordPress.

{eac}SoftwareRegistry Software Distribution SDK

{eac}SoftwareRegistry Distribution SDK for {eac}SoftwareRegistry Software Registration Server – Implementing the Software Registry SDK Package.

The Software Registry Distribution SDK is used to generate a custom PHP package that you can include in your software project to register your product with your registration server and manage that registration.

{eac}SoftwareRegistry Custom Hooks

{eac}SoftwareRegistry Software Registration Server custom hooks – Add PHP code for the many hooks (filters and actions) available in the Software Registration Server.

Using the many hooks available in the {eac}Software Registration Server, you can customize the registration server options, incoming API requests, outgoing API responses, and client emails and notifications.

{eac}SoftwareRegistry WebHooks for WooCommerce

Enables the use of WooCommerce Webhooks to create or update a software registration in {eac}SoftwareRegistry when an order is created or updated.

We use webhooks so that you may sell your software on a different site then where you register your software. When an order is created or updated on your WooCommerce site, that order information is sent to your registration server via a webhook so that the registration server may create or update the registration.